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What is Pixie Hollow? Pixie Hollow was an MMORPG from Disney Online (PixieHollow.com). Players could create a Fairy or Sparrow Man character and play as him or her and participate in events, complete quests, shop, dress up, collect ingredients, play mini-games, earn talent points, choose an animal friend, chat, host a party, earn badges.

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Because Crystal uses a different blogging site to WordPress, I couldn’t just re-blog this, but I really loved this post so:

FairyABC: Updates Preview!!!

Hey guys!

Crystal here^^

How have you been? Have you been on Fairy ABC at all lately?

Well you may or may not know this but the game is getting updated soon! So therefore today we will be talking about what the update will include and what that will look like 😛

(Btw for those of you who have no idea what Fairy ABC is, it’s basically the recreation of our beloved Pixie Hollow! Yup that’s right! Pixie Hollow is BACK! You can find the game at www.fairyabc.com or you can click on the tab next to “Blog” that sais “Play Pixie Hollow(2016)!” As I’ve said before the game is a work in progress so you might run into some problems..In that case this will help you a lot 😉 : http://pixiehollowslitllesecrets.blogspot.gr/2016/06/fairy-abc-helptips.html )

Ok so first of all the update was to come earlier but due to some issues it will be available in a few days (probably July 23rd!) according to Wind Muddle…

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Okay, okay…First of all, I’m REALLY sorry for not posting. I’m in the 6th Grade now, and the Grade right before high school wasn’t as easy as I thought. Oh well.

Now that I’m back, here’s a video that might be quite interesting. Credits to Izzy Foxstone and Wind Muddle for the video. It’s about The Remaking of Pixie Hollow.

I’m seriously getting my hopes up now. And I learned from fellow readers that the link toFairy ABC no longer is forbidden, so I’ll try to check it out after I do my massive load of homework.

Meanwhile, how have you guys been doing while I was gone? Did I miss out on anything? 😉

~ Sapphire ❤


Pixie Hollow Fairy Abc

Pixie Hollow Fairy Abc

~ Fairy ABC does work now! But there only is a login and no registration.

~ (Credits to Nora for this one.) Fortunately, there is a demo account for Fairy ABC. The username is less and the password is ifairy

Disney Channel

~ However, an error screen showed up for me after I pressed login, because according to Nora, they are working on the demo account. If the screen shows you anything else aside from the error notification, please inform me, seeing as they’ve probably finished it already.