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Videos of the Pixie Hollow Online Game. You earn Pixie Diamonds everytime you level up! ♥( except when u get a new talent skill). Pixie Hollow Online was an MMORPG from Disney Online (PixieHollow.com). Players could create a Fairy or Sparrow Man character and play as him or her and participate in events, complete quests, shop, dress up, collect ingredients, play mini-games, earn talent points, choose an animal friend, chat, host a party, earn badges, and more. Prior to November 10, 2011 you could create up to three.

Pixie Hollow
Developer(s)Disney Interactive Studios,
Schell Games,[1] SilverTree Media[2]
Publisher(s)Disney Interactive Studios
Platform(s)Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Genre(s)Massive multiplayer online role-playing

Pixie Hollow was a massive multiplayer online role-playing game addition to the Disney Fairies franchise that ran from 2008 to 2013. It was produced by DisneyToon Studios and developed by Schell Games. The game was released to coincide with the 2008 film, Tinker Bell and revolved around Tinker Bell, a fairy character created by J. M. Barrie in his play Peter Pan and incorporating her fairy friends from the Disney Fairies animated works by the Walt Disney Company.

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Critical reception[edit]

GameZone gave the game 6/10.[3] The game received the Parents' Choice Award, Silver Honor.[4] The game also received the Parents' Choice Approved award.[5]

A 2008 article from the magazine Variety about the site voiced concerns from parents that introducing children to online games at a young age may could 'one day make them a “World of Warcraft” addict.'[6] A New York Times article from 2007 voiced much of the same in its discussion about young children on the Internet,[7] and gave a short description of Pixie Hollow: 'The site will ultimately allow users to play games (“help create the seasons”) and interact with other “fairies.” When avatars move across the screen, they leave a sparkling trail of pixie dust, a carefully designed part of the experience.'


Pixie Hollow closed on September 19, 2013.[8] Its closure was poorly received by users, especially bloggers in the community, many of whom created petitions to 'save Pixie Hollow'.[9] Such efforts seem to have been in vain; the game closed as planned and has not reopened.

Rewrite and Revival[edit]

Fans remained active on blog sites such as WordPress, and have been able to form communities dedicated to memorializing the game. One such fan community, FairyABC, has created a 'rewrite' of the game, as of 2016. Users there can join a virtual world similar to Pixie Hollow, but without many features of the original games.

Pixie Hollow Black Screen


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I am trying to be as canon to the movieverse as possible, seeing as I've only seen the movies and shorts.

Whereas I not read the original books with Mother Dove, etc and I'm not familiar with them, I have tried to read trivia and other information on the internet (Disney Fairies Wiki to name one) just to better understand the main characters a bit...but I had only focused on the characters I was already familiar with. Therefore, any characters/references found in my work will be based solely on what we've seen on-screen in the various animations and films, NOT the book characters...so any similarities or 'non-canon' things from the books is purely coincidental and non-intentional! :)

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If you close your eyes and wish all you can
You might be lucky to visit a land
Filled with magic, and wonder, and bright fairies galore
Who welcome new friends with a wide-open door.

But beware and take heed, it must be understood
That sometimes, just sometimes, not all magic is good.
For deep in a dark forest of night an evil doth dwell
An evil which cannot be conquered, we tell.

With dark power and strength, the evil does know
With each passing year, it has started to grow.
Slowly but surely, this evil will come into sight
Creeping and crawling from its endless night.
We cannot be sure, we don't have such a sight
But, what's to become the ones who live in the light?

Far, far away from the bright, peaceful Pixie Hollow, in a land lifeless, gloomy, and grim, a huge unwelcoming castle lay nestled in the most secret of secret places in the Realm of Darkness. No light had ever shown its face in the dreary Forest of Fear.

Inside the nightmarish castle, a mysterious fairy sat in her throne room atop a high black chair. Her wild, long curly hair was as black as a raven's wing, and her deep gray eyes were as dark as midnight. She flicked open her large, glistening black wings, and her gray and black gown gleamed under the moonlight that shone through the high window.

Agatha, the Fairy Queen of Darkness slowly stood and walked to her black crystal ball, which hovered in the air over a large black oyster shell. She tapped her shiny ebony wand on the side of the oyster shell, making the droplets of moisture inside jiggle. Next to the shell was a tiny black rose, its bulb yet to open. Agatha gazed deeply into the ball as it radiated with an eerie green and black glow, then waved her wand over the floating ball. Suddenly, swirls of green began spinning about like an angry tornado. Her black lips slowly formed a half-smile before she spoke.

'Tell me,' Agatha breathed, her voice hoarse and old. The sudden noise startled Midnight, the huge black hawk which lay sleeping next to the throne. Midnight opened one eye, ruffled his feathers, then went back to snoozing, ignoring the voice if his mistress. 'Tell me it's almost time.'

The swirls spun faster inside the ball, and all of a sudden, glowing green words shot out from the ball and into the air, floating like green swirls of smoke.

'The time is almost upon you, as you can clearly see. The magic Black Rose is soon to be free, but gaining power will not be so easy,' Agatha read out loud. She gasped loudly, brushing the smokey words away. More words soon followed, and she read with haste. 'Many hundreds of years of waiting has been, sending your men on a quest for the power that lies deep within the shining black flower, but a fairy soon born in Pixie Hollow will be, the cause of your downfall and great misery. With power strong like a bright shiny spark, perhaps more so than the Queen of the Dark. Great caution is something that you need, because of that fairy, you will not succeed.'

Agatha growled at the words and blew them away in a huff. She threw down her wand, and as it clanged on the shimmering black floor, Midnight lifted his head and stared at its mistress with curiosity.

'A new fairy, it says?' Agatha spat, loudly, stooping down to grab her wand off the floor. 'The cause of my downfall and great misery? Well, we'll soon see about that!' She turned to the door and yelled for two guards. In a flash, two large, bulky sparrow men came sprinting into the room, out of breath.

'You summoned, your majesty?' puffed one, a gruff sparrow man in gray and black. His partner, clad in brown and black, stood beside him but spoke not a word.

'Yes, Shadow, ' said Agatha, calmly. 'I have a task for you two.'

Shadow gulped. 'A-another task? Like, the one when you sent us to find the Black Rose for you?'

Agatha's lips pursed. 'No, not one so difficult as that. But, I must say, bringing me back what I desired was in your best interests, I'm sure. You're quite lucky that you and the others succeeded in finding it and plucking it for me. For if the Rose had bloomed and we missed the chance for the harvest, you would have deeply, deeply regretted not retrieving what I sent you for.'

Shadow shivered under her harsh words, knowing full well that it was true, and he was lucky that he and his men had found the flower his Majesty wished.

'No,' Agatha continued. 'This task is much, much easier. You and Dusk are to travel to Pixie Hollow at once.' She threw two tiny bags of pixie dust to them with anger. 'The Rose is slowly changing, and at this current moment, I cannot leave it for too long unattended even if I have still time to wait.' She angrily looked at her crystal ball, remembering the warning it had told her. 'If I wish to take over Pixie Hollow, I cannot take any chances with what the prophecy has foretold.' Agatha turned her icy glare towards them. 'There is a prophecy of a new Never Fairy arriving in Pixie Hollow any day now, and I need news of it. I must know which talent she has. I must know her power!' Agatha narrowed her eyes. 'Said prophecy cannot come true. It will not come true!' she cried, stomping her foot. 'Now go!' she bellowed, sending them off in a flash of black smoke. Agatha walked back to her throne and stroked Midnight's feathery head. 'We shall see who is stronger, won't we, Midnight?'

The hawk gave an evil caw in response.

Agatha twirled her wand in her hand, a small smile creeping onto her face as she stared at the shimmering Black Rose. 'For soon, no one will have more power than me. I'll make sure of it!'

Days later, in the beautiful Pixie Hollow, Tinker Bell flew around her tiny house with so much excitement she was surprised she didn't break everything in her path. Her mind was racing and her heart was beating in her chest like a bass drum.

'Oh, this is so amazing! So exciting!' Tinker Bell cried out loud, a little giggle escaping her lips.

'Tink, are you there?' called a chipper voice from outside her wooden door.

Tinker Bell flew over in a flash and threw open her door. Her friends, each with expressions just like the one Tinker Bell had, were waiting outside with their eyes gleaming with delight. Well, all except for Vidia, who almost couldn't be bothered about being excited about anything.

'Hi, guys!' Tinker Bell cried, laughing happily. 'Thank goodness you're here. I was just about to explode from excitement!'

'Oh, can ya'll believe it's happening tonight?' Rosetta said, her Southern drawl coming out in full force. 'Why, I could feel it in the air from the moment I woke up this morning! The cool spring breeze seemed stronger than ever, just raring to bring us a new fairy!'

Vidia puffed up her chest, proudly. 'Of course the wind was extra strong this morning,' she said as if she was insulted that they didn't expect the best from her abilities.

Fawn grinned. 'It seems like only yesterday when we welcomed you, Tink!'

'Hopefully this new one is gonna be a lot less active then Tinker Bell is,' murmured Iridessa, quietly. 'I dunno if we can handle any more fairies like Tink.'

'I second that wish,' added Vidia with a flip of her black hair.

Tinker Bell put her hands to her hips and stuck her lip out in a tiny pout. 'Hey!'

'I-I meant that a good way,' Iridessa stammered nervously, after sensing Tinker Bell's approaching fit of rage. 'I-I was just joking.'

Tinker Bell was surely known to have a short temper on her, and Iridessa hoped they would avoid it at that time. The last thing they needed was for Tinker Bell to have one of her red-faced rages before they left.

'Well, I wasn't just joking,' said Vidia, a tiny smirk appearing on her face. She just loved any chance she could get for pushing Tinker Bell's buttons, much to the dismay of those around her.

Silvermist, always the peacemaker, grabbed Tinker Bell's hand before she could react to Vidia's snide remark. 'Aw, come on already, you guys! I bet everybody else is already at the Pixie Dust Tree waiting for the arrival! We might have even missed it!'

Tinker Bell was much too excited to let Vidia get under her skin, so she quickly ushered them out of her house, slammed the door shut, and flew away with the rest of her friends. She noticed loads of other fairies already making their way to the welcoming ceremony. Every fairy in Pixie Hollow came out for the very special occasion, excitement filled the air. It was truly an exciting time for them all: the time when they would welcome a new fairy into Pixie Hollow. Tinker Bell of course secretly hoped they would be a tinker fairy just like she was, but she was sure her friends also hoped the new fairy would be part of their own guilds. That was always the fun part, finding out which talent group their new arrival would be joining.

After arriving at the tree, Tinker Bell waved goodbye to her friends and joined the other tinker fairies as they sat on the huge glowing mushrooms sticking out from the tree. Tinker Bell greeted her two friends Bobble and Clank, who were eagerly watching from a lower mushroom. Then, she turned her attention back to the center. She didn't want to miss a single thing.

After a few moments of waiting, the fairies began gasping in awe. The baby's laugh was slowly but surely floating down towards the center of the arrival area. VCidia flew over and gave a few extra pushes in order to help the fluff finds its way. Tinker Bell watched as the beautiful, delicate dandelion fluff twirled and swirled in the air like a ballerina. She saw her best friend Terence fly over with his little jug of pixie dust, ready to dump it over the laugh. The other fairies giggled as the fluff darted away from him, almost as if playing a game with him. He felt his cheeks turn pink as he chased after it, but he managed to catch it before it touched down to the ground and slowly dump some of the glowing golden pixie dust over the top of it.

In an instant, a blinding golden light burst out from the fluff after Terence dumped the cup of Pixie Dust right over it, and the new fairy was born. The tiny pixie looked up, her big eyes bright and shiny, but in total confusion. Tinker Bell and the other fairies marveled at the beauty, or rather, the cuteness of their newest fairy. Her huge eyes were shining like sapphire blue jewels outlined with long lashes, and her delicate, light-blonde wispy hair was shoulder-length and peculiarly striped with magnificent ombre colors here and there. There were blue streaks with pink tips, blue streaks with purple tips, turquoise with purple tips, and pink streaks with purple tips. Across her button nose and pink blushing cheeks were a few traces of freckles.

She was truly a sight for sore eyes, and the fairies just sat, open-mouthed as they stared at her. The Minister fairies were the ones who were the most stunned, by far. They were sticklers for everything being by the books and proper and seeing their newest fairy had baffled them. She was something else altogether, not like anything anyone had ever seen before.

'Hello?' asked the little sprite, her tiny voice echoing out. She looked around at the tree full of fairies, and she slowly stood up, her smallish frame evidently showing as she did so.

As many of the fairies and sparrow men were just about five inches, this particular fairy seemed to be just a smidge over four inches tall, which was on a smallish side, for sure...a good inch shorter than her counterparts. Her small, delicate features made for an already interesting-looking fairy and the whole Hollow was in shock at the sight of her.

None of the fairies could speak a word, not even a simple hello. They had never seen a fairy who looked quite like this one, and they weren't sure what to make of her. She was so different from them, with her strange hairstyle, eye color, and size. Even Tinker Bell was at a loss for words, which was surprising even for her. She looked over at the Winter Fairies and locked eyes with her sister, Periwinkle. Periwinkle's face was in identical shock just as Tinker Bell's was. They were also a rare thing - twin fairies born from a laugh that had been split in two, and Tinker Bell wondered if there was also something special about this strange-looking fairy, too.

Suddenly, bright golden specks flew around in a spinning spiral, and they saw Queen Clarion come floating down, her elegance radiating around her.

'Born of laughter, clothed in cheer, happiness has brought you here. Welcome to Pixie Hollow. I trust you found your way alright?' Clarion asked, her eyes shining.

Tinker Bell felt her heart swell as she remembered those exact words being spoken to her on her first day at Pixie Hollow, and her heart fluttered happily.

'I-I think so,' stammered the fairy, nervously. She smiled a little, her dimples showing on her rosy cheeks. She let out a loud, bubbly giggle before she spoke again. 'At least I hope so!'

The other fairies' faces broke into grins after hearing her sweet laugh. It was almost contagious, and they couldn't help but smile when they heard it.

'Now, let's see about those wings,' said Clarion, slowly lifting up the fairy's wings to have a look.

The fairy's wings sparkled and glowed as Clarion touched them, the most peculiar thing being the slight hint of the rainbow-colored hue they seemed to give off. Her wings had extra swirls and twirl patterns covering them completely as they shimmered in the light. All of her extra twirling in the air before her landing had played a part in her wing patterns, and they looked quite different than the wings of the other Never Fairies. The fairy carefully spread her wings wider and slowly flew into the air, taking a tiny test flight. She hadn't yet gotten used to her wings as of then, and clumsily flew upside down with a few twirls in an untidy fashion.

Suddenly, mid-twirl, she lost her balance and came crashing back to the ground, landing straight on her bottom. She looked up at Queen Clarion, sheepishly. 'I uh...I guess I haven't gotten the hang of flying, yet.'

Clarion smiled widely, giving a soft flick of her hand. 'Don't worry, my darling. You soon will.'

Suddenly, the tiny fairy gasped as she saw little mushrooms pop up around her after the Queen had summoned them.

In an instant, Tinker Bell, Rosetta, Silvermist, Vidia, Iridessa, Periwinkle, Terence, and the other talent fairies eagerly stood from their places and flew over to the mushrooms. They knew what was coming, next. They each carefully put different items from their guilds onto the mushrooms as the tiny fairy looked on in awe. Tinker Bell gave her a smile before flying back up to their viewing places.

'Wh-what are these things?' the fairy asked, breathlessly.

'They will help you find your talent, little one,' replied Clarion, her voice calm and soft.

The tiny fairy looked at the mushrooms, then up at the other fairies, her eyes wide. She gulped as she turned back to the Queen. 'But, how will I know which one is...'

'You'll know,' said Clarion, as Tinker Bell mouthed the same words along with her, her eyes twinkling.

Tinker Bell knew in heart that this new fairy belonged with her and the other tinkers. She just had to! There was just something about her, and Tinker Bell was absolutely certain she was looking at the next member of their guild.

The little fairy slowly walked over to the gleaming blue bubble which sat on one of the mushrooms. Silvermist balled her fists up with anticipation. She thought the new fairy was just a doll, and she couldn't wait to have her as part of her guild. The tiny fairy reached her hand out towards the bubble, but it quickly faded out, indicating that she was not intended to be a Water-talent. Silvermist's face fell in sadness and she sighed heavily.

The fairy gulped and moved on to the next one: the tiny wind tornado. The tornado looked quite interesting, and the fairy eagerly extended her finger towards it, but it too faded as did the mushroom it was sitting on. Vidia was pleased that the fairy also had no luck with being a fast flyer. For once, Vidia actually didn't want to be cruel, but she just couldn't imagine such a smallish pixie with tiny wings as a fast-flyer like her.

The fairy then tried the other talents: the delicate flower, the paintbrush, the egg...every talent symbol on almost every mushroom, but she had no luck at all. Each item shone brightly until she tried to touch it, then the shiny glow around them all faded out, adding to her uneasiness. The fairy was quite worried, seeing as none of the talents seemed to fit her. She began to feel a shaky, nervous fizzing in her stomach, like thousands of fluttering butterflies darting around inside of her. She bit her lip and looked up at the Queen, her huge eyes brimming with tears.

Pixie Hollow Create A Fairy

'You forgot one!' a voice rang out, startling the little fairy. Tinker Bell couldn't compose herself any longer, and she slowly flew down and stood behind the tiny, shimmering hammer which rested on a mushroom on the outside of the mushroom circle. 'Y-you forgot one,' she added quietly, pointing to the hammer.

Queen Clarion smiled in spite of herself. She knew Tinker Bell all too well, and she had imagined her excitement was almost too much for her, should the new fairy become a tinker fairy. With the looks of things, that's exactly what was going to come of her, seeing as the tinker hammer was the last item left to be tried.

The fairy smiled at Tinker Bell's friendliness, and she slowly walked over to the hammer. She reached out her hand for the hammer and grasped it tightly in her hand. Tinker Bell's eyes lit up, and they were suddenly surrounded with a light as bright as the sun's rays. It was a reflection of the brightness of how the hammer glowed for this fairy, just like it had glowed for Tinker Bell before. Tinker Bell almost screamed with joy at the newest addition to their guild. But, Tinker Bell soon realized that wasn't the case, as she heard the horrified gasps and shrieks of the other fairies. The hammer wasn't glowing at all, in fact, and Tinker Bell had just gotten caught up in her own wild fantasy and had imagined everything. The new fairy dropped the now dull hammer in a gasped shock when it didn't light up as she had also expected it to. The shine had dimmed into nothing just as the other mushrooms had, much to her dismay. The new fairy felt her stomach drop and she gulped, loudly. She looked up at the Queen, her eyes full of horrified guilt and shame.

'But, that was the last talent!' a clear voice rang out in the quiet night.

'None of the talents worked!' a second fairy shouted.

Pixie Hollow Black Screen Door

'That just can't be!' cried another.

'What does it mean?' said a sparrow man.

'She's talentless!' cried a second sparrow man.

'Talentless!' cried an older fairy. 'A talentless fairy!'

'Has anyone ever heard of that before?' asked a concerned Fast-Fyler.

'I...I...' began the fairy, her huge eyes filling with tears as she looked from Clarion to Tinker Bell, then back to the other fairies who were watching her. 'I-I'm so sorry!'

With that, the new fairy used all the strength she could manage and flew straight up and away as fast as she could.

'Oh, no, wait! Hey, wait a minute!' cried Tinker Bell, shooting up after her. The last thing she wanted was for a new fairy to get lost somewhere in Pixie Hollow, especially after not knowing a thing about it. 'Come back!'

Tinker Bell was in such a rush as she flew away, she didn't notice the two dark figures hiding within a hole of the nearby trees, their dark gray eyes glowing. Shadow and Dusk chuckled to themselves, then darted away with a flash of black, unseen to the rest of the other fairies during the commotion.

The new fairy flew clumsily through the air as fast as she could, but before she knew it, she had crashed right into a huge pink flower. She sneezed as the pollen trickled into her nose, and she shook her head in an attempt to shake it off.

'Hello? Hey, where are you?' Tinker Bell called.

The fairy recognized the voice as the one who was overly excited about the hammer, but she nervously stayed hidden, the shame she felt was overwhelming for her.

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'Hey, Little Fairy? Are you all alright? Won't you please come back with me?' Tinker Bell pleaded. 'Everything's okay, I promise!'

Pixie Hollow Black Screen Tv

The new fairy was certain that no matter what the blonde fairy said, everything wasn't okay. The tiny fairy knew she had obviously messed something up after hearing the remarks of the rest of the fairies, and she felt awful about it. The little fairy pulled her knees up to her chest and sighed, sadly. She'd had a crazy first night, and she felt all the energy drain from her in as she sat. She leaned against the softness of the flower petals and before she knew it, she was fast asleep, unaware that a search party had already been started all around Pixie Hollow by the nervous Queen Clarion.