Pixie Hollow Rewritten Fairyabc

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PHF Moving Forward
Sep 25, 2013 - 12:24 PM - by Zilly

With the recent closure of Toontown Online, Pixie Hollow, and Pirates of the Caribbean Online, and any plans for reopening being off in the future, the administrators have had to make some difficult decisions. Do we change? To what? When? What will we be rated?
We'd like to announce that we know the answers to those questions now. Wednesday October 16th the ToontownCentral.com site will be taken offline. Don't panic! We will reopen Friday October 18th as MMOCentralForums.com. The current URL will continue to redirect for some time. We'll warn you before it stops. Additionally, MMOCentralForums.com will condense most of our current sites into one. All DisneysOnlineWorlds sites except PixieHollowForums.com will be archived.
MMOCentralForums? What will that do?
MMOCentralForums won't be built around a single game. We will be offering forums for a wide variety of games along with the off topic and creative areas our members enjoy. There will also be forums geared towards specific age groups, which we will explain more when the site reopens. A few other surprises are in store!
What happens to my account?
All current TTC accounts will remain active. You will log in with your username and password just like you do now. Your contact list will be there, all images, all posts,
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Okay, okay…First of all, I’m REALLY sorry for not posting. I’m in the 6th Grade now, and the Grade right before high school wasn’t as easy as I thought. Oh well.

Now that I’m back, here’s a video that might be quite interesting. Credits to Izzy Foxstone and Wind Muddle for the video. It’s about The Remaking of Pixie Hollow.

I’m seriously getting my hopes up now. And I learned from fellow readers that the link toFairy ABC no longer is forbidden, so I’ll try to check it out after I do my massive load of homework.

Meanwhile, how have you guys been doing while I was gone? Did I miss out on anything? 😉

Pixie Hollow Rewritten Fairyabc

~ Sapphire ❤


Pixie Hollow Rewritten Fairyabc

~ Fairy ABC does work now! But there only is a login and no registration.

Rewritten Games Pixie Hollow

~ (Credits to Nora for this one.) Fortunately, there is a demo account for Fairy ABC. The username is less and the password is ifairy

Pixie Hollow Fairyabc

Rewritten games pixie hollow

Fairyabc Pixie Hollow Rewrite

~ However, an error screen showed up for me after I pressed login, because according to Nora, they are working on the demo account. If the screen shows you anything else aside from the error notification, please inform me, seeing as they’ve probably finished it already.