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Pixie Hollow

Pixie Hollow Online was a great family-friendly online simulation game revolving around the world of the Disney Fairies. It was taken down on September 19, 2013, and with it came a lot of disappointed individuals including myself. I feel that this game needs to be put back up on the internet because it was simply a very fun game with so many. Play - abc pixiehollow. Abc pixiehollow. Somehow I'm addicted to looking up stuff that mention Pixie Hollow reopening. I still remember hearing this stuff around December 5th, people were saying that in January, Disney was gonna make a teen version of pixie hollow. My mom said that it would've been a good idea.


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Pixie hollow

Hello everyone,

Another month is almost over – it’s hard to believe we’re already four months into the year!

April has been quite busy for me, which lead to my lack of posts this month – sorry about that! I had a lot of assessments towards the end of last term and several social commitments when holidays began, not to mention a mountain of homework my teachers expected finished for next term.

Today was the first day back at school, much to my disgust… Fortunately, my school allows girls to wear ‘formal’ pants in terms 2 and 3, rather than the awful skirt that’s part of our uniform, so at least I’m be much more comfortable (and warmer) now. 😉

Despite all the stress and tiredness this month brought, it was all worthwhile as over the a few days ago I flew to Queensland with my parents to attend Supanova at the Gold Cost – I got back just yesterday afternoon! I managed to get all my homework done before we left, so I was free to properly enjoy myself, and honestly, it was quite possibly the best convention I’ve been to (at least, to date). I had the chance to meet several actors and actresses, including Peter Capaldi, who was the last Doctor on Doctor Who, two of the voice actresses from RWBY, a singer/songwriter I love and the author of Red Queen, Victoria Aveyard. Everyone was super nice and were happy to take the time to have a chat. The stall owners, cosplayers and other people attending were all lovely too. 🙂

Here’s a few photos:

Pixie Hollow Reopening 2018 Calendar

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Pixie Hollow Reopening 2018 Calendar

Unfortunately, it looks like this term of school is going to be just as busy as the last, but as usual, I’ll do my best to keep posting. I’m hoping to publish another poem in a few days too, so stay tuned! 🙂

Thanks for reading,

– Rose âx9D¤